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How to Preserve the Clothes in winter without Any Damage

You have to take extra care to your clothing in winter. A question might arise in your mind, “Why Winter?” Simple! Winter is a foggy, snowy and the coldest season. Every characteristic of the season is unfriendly for fabrics. This is why, you will need to apply some variation for proper care. Who are the main culprits of damaging the garment?

  1. Water
  2. Salt
  3. Moth

In this discussion, we will learn the techniques of preventing these hampering the apparels in winter.

 Salt of Road: The Destructive Element for the Footwear

Snowing is the common picture of the winter. Excessive use of salt on the sideways is really disgusting. Though it cleans the road, your footwear cannot adapt it easily. Some states abide the law of limited use of salt and alkaline. But most of them do not.

Leather is the processed skin of animals. The mixture of salt, dirt and water damages the leather shoe. The glossy look of the shoe will lose after the connection. It is disturbing to wear discolored shoes. You will not get a chance to get rid of the harshness and crisp movement. The elasticity of the footwear will be completely gone.

The best solution is having a paper towel in the bag in the winter. The damage can be controlled only when you can remove the salt from the surface of footwear immediately. The wiper material can be either a piece of cloth or towel. But the wiping should be instant.

Polishing is a great way to create an extra layer on the shoe. For leather or Gore-Tex material, there is a variety of conditioner on the market. This will also prevent the salt damage.

Wool and Moth: The typical enemy of winter

The relationship between the moths and winter is really close. Actually, the larvae damage the fabric most. The dizzy weather is a perfect condition to lay eggs in the wool. You may have noticed holes in the sweater or jumper in the winter. The moths are the real culprit behind it.

The researchers have tried hard to find out the most effective way to stop their breeding in wool clothing. You will be glad to know that it cannot survive in extreme cold. The less used apparels are the primary targets of the moths. So, keep checking your suit and coats which are used on rare occasion. The more you will be conscious, the more you can save the moth damage.

To prevent the moth damages:

  • Give the coats and suits to the laundry before winter
  • Use a brush to clean the upper part of the apparel
  • Keep a distance between the hangers in the wardrobe or closet
  • Clean dirt of the storing place
  • Use the best clothes steamer to steam your garment frequently.

 Water: The Actual Danger of a Watery Touch to Clothing

You have to keep the dresses dry and far from the water till summer. The wet clothes will damp the fabrics and create much more disturbance. The shape of your favorite jacket can also be changed. So, the more away from water, the less damage to the fabric.

Have a Nice Winter ahead!